FDN 2400, Critical Perspectives on Learning and Teaching

Most eadings are provided as PDF's on the course website. Readings not available under the fair use portion of copyright law will be provided behind a firewall. You will be directed to your ASULearn course website for these.

Additional Required Readings:

Selected additional articles will be provided for class. Please consults the class schedule (i.e. the course syllabus) everyday for any additional downloads or required readings.

Course Requirements:

1. Reading: Read each assigned reading or web page before the date it is scheduled for class discussion.

2. Class participation and attendance:
The success of the class depends on each student attending all classes, all the time, and on time. It also depends on you completing the readings before class so you are able to use them as background for our seminar-style discussions and class activities.

3. Mid-term:
This will be in a take home essay format.

4. Inquiry Project: This will be assigned shortly, to be worked on throughout the semester.

5. Videos and other required course content: Videos and some course readings are provided on ASULearn. Videos are required, and are shown in class. Most are also on ASULearn should you want to watch them again.


1. Mid-term: 30% of your grade.

2. Inquiry Project: 30% of your grade and graded according to the rubric provided with the assignment on your syllabus.

3. Class participation: 25 percent. This will appear as a grade in the gradebook. Though the actual percentage of time missed per class is closer to 4%, only 3 percentage points will be deducted for each class missed.

4. Journal entries: There will be several journal entries during the semester. Pass/Fail. Journal entries are worth 15% of your grade.

5. Final course grading: 93 - 100% A, 90 - 92.9% A-, 88 - 89.9% B+, 82 - 87.9% B, 80 - 81.9% B-, 74 - 79.9% C, 70 - 73.9% C-, 70% or lower is a D.

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FDN 2400 Syllabus
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